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Home Watch - Relocation by Design

Home Watch


Away for the winter?

Away for a work assignment?

Away for days, weeks or months?

Have a vacant home for sale or part of an estate?



Since absentee homeowners are not readily availalbe to handle emergencies, manage repairs or perform routine maintenance; caring for a home can be a challenge.

Relocation by Design (RBD) has over 15 years of experience in home watch and property management services. We provide the knowledge and flexibility that can support you in your unique situation.

RBD will customize Home Watch Services to meet your specific needs and provide the peace of mind that you seek.

We handle:

  • Emergencies
  • Alarm Calls
  • Repairs/Maintenance
  • Management of Contractors

RBD's experience allows us to handle any situation with a calculated response. If a situation arises at your property, you will be notified so the problem can be managed efficiently and cost-effectively. We will obtain estimates for your review and approval, schedule the required service(s), meet with the repair person, oversee the work until it is completed successfully, then we will secure the residence. We will also send digital photos of the completed repairs by email.

We visit your home:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • As often as you wish

RBD's Home Watch Services provide regularly scheduled visual inspections of your home as frequently as you choose. A customized checklist of services will be created to address your concerns and preserve your valuable asset(s).


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