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Destination Services

The successful transfer and relocation of an international employee is paramount to an organization's bottom line.  Organizations benefit from the transferee's smooth assimilation into the host country.  The key to a successful assignment for an individual or family is strong, consistent attention to the many details of establishing connection within the host country.  This is where RBD truly shines in providing comprehensive destination services.

Beginning with pre-arrival services, RBD professionals seek to establish a warm, comforting and competent relationship with the transferee, combining the information obtained in initial conversations into a strategy designed to meet identified needs.  In the event of a pre-commitment trip, RBD provides an organized and focused effort to ensure that the employee is provided with all relevant information required.  Post-arrival, RBD continues the solid and personal relationship established with the transferee, offering assistance in all areas of the settling-in process.

International Destination Services may include:
  • Confidential Needs Analysis with employee/family
  • Area tour and community information
  • Social Security Administration assistance
  • Banking relationships
  • Secretary of State assistance
  • Temporary housing
  • Permanent housing, purchase or rental
  • Utility connections
  • Leisure activities assistance
  • Shopping and personal care referrals
  • Ongoing support and communication
Additional a la’ carte services, as requested:
  • Personal airport greeting and transportation to accommodations
  • Transportation options
  • Home and auto insurance
  • Furnishings, purchase or rental
  • Education information and appointments
  • Medical and emergency services referrals
  • Language and/or culture training
RBD welcomes the opportunity to develop an International Destination Services package that fits your needs.
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